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The Rabbit And The Big Ball
The Rabbit And The Big Ball

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit. It was happily jumping, roaming here and there. He was a fun-loving rabbit. While playing, suddenly, he found a ball. It was a big, round, and colorful ball. The …

The Mouse and the Tiger
The Mouse Who Became Tiger

Once upon a time, there was a jungle full of different animals and trees. And in this jungle, there lived an old man. He lived in a cave in the jungle which was full of magical things. The old man was…

The White Ghost Little Mouse
The White Ghost Little Mouse

Once upon a time in a greeny big jungle, there was a little mouse named Moosy who lived in the jungle. He was so little and tiny in comparison to other big animals. “I am so tiny and other anima…

The Story of Jesus And The Fishermen
The Story of Jesus And The Fishermen

A very long time ago, Jesus walked down by the Sea of Galilee. He needed some friends who can help him to spread the message of God to the world. As he walked down nearby the sea, he saw two fishermen…

The story of Adam And Eve
Adam And Eve

The Adam And Eve story is the next part of The Creation Story in which God creates the world in just 7 days. In this story, you will read what happened after God created to first two humans named Adam…

The Creation Bible Story
The Creation Story Day 1-7

Have you ever thought that how this magnificent world came into existence? If you don’t know then The Creation Story will take you back in time. In the origin there was nothing. Yes, nothing! th…

The Kind Fly Who Forget Her Name
The Kind Fly Who Forget Her Name

Once upon a time, there was a fly that liked to work and help others. She was kind and calm by nature. While on vacation, a fly scrubbed the floor with chewing gum. While working, he forgot his name. …

Foolish Boy Who Made Silly Mistakes
Foolish Boy Who Made Silly Mistakes

Once, there lived a poor boy named Danny. Danny was a hard-working and honest boy but sometimes, he did silly and foolish mistakes. Once, Mr. Roy was getting his home painted. Danny asked him, “…

The Honest Woodcutter
Lost and Found; The Honest Woodcutter

Many years ago a woodcutter was living in a village that was close to a dense forest. He was extremely hard working as well as a reasonable man. Every morning he gets up early in the morning and went …

Who is the Real Mother?
Who is the Real Mother?

A few years ago two were fighting over a child in a village. “Leave us alone he is my son !!” a lady in a red sari yelled while crying. The child was too young hence he wasn’t able t…

Curious Baby Camel
Curious Baby Camel

Once upon a time there was a baby camel and its mother was resting under a tree, now the baby camel was curious, like most children, and there were certain parts of the body that the baby camel did no…

The Proud Rose story for kids
A Proud Rose and an Ugly Cactus

A long time ago in a desert, there was a beautiful rose who was proud of her beauty and smell. However, she was disgusted with growing next to a cactus. On each and every day the Rose insult and make …

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Why Read the Bible?
Why Read the Bible Every day? 16 Benefits Will Change your Life

Many people want to read the bible but unfortunately, they don’t even start. Before even opening it many of them ask Why read the Bible? What’s the point of it? Hence if you have the same …

Things Parents should do to Help Kids in Education
Things Parents should do to Help Kids in Education

Education at an early age is important for a kid’s future. Things that kids do and learn at an early age develop their mind, character, and overall personality. Despite all this education is the…

The Art of Storytelling for Kids

According to research and recent social surveys, storytelling creates empathy in the kids. It benefits their brain development, Boosts their listening skills, and lays the groundwork for the development of social, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Moreover, Usher kids into the world of story-telling to encourage creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. Moral Tales are the best material to provide the kids right cultural understanding.

What Are The Benefits of Reading Moral Stories?

Young kids love listening to stories and especially Moral tales. These stories are short, simple, easy to understand, and very engaging for the kids. But not settle down by these benefits, there are lots more crucial advantages of reading or listening to Moral Stories for Kids.

  1. Improves the listening skills of the kids by engaging storytelling.
  2. It helps them learn about kindness, wisdom, honesty, compassion, and more.
  3. It helps to build the ability for the imagination and also helps in sharpening the memory.
  4. It’s way different from watching something on a screen.
  5. A moral Tale can even improve the kid’s creativity and make them open to new ideas.
  6. Stories open the eyes of young kids to new things – places, culture, traditions.
  7. Reading stories improves the understanding of English as well as the vocabulary of children.

These reasons can be enough to encourage your kids to read Moral Stories every next day.

Moral Stories for Kids

Storytelling is the Early Learning for Kids

Moral stories are the best way to educate children more efficiently as compared to the traditional way. offers a huge collection of stories for kids in easy-to-understand language.

Excluding the complicated and advanced English, these stories offer many things to learn. With these Moral Stories, the kid also gets a life lesson and learns to become a good person in society.

Kids will fall asleep with Short Stories

It’s fact that for kids to fall asleep after watching a video or their favorite cartoons. By reading short Stories for Kids at bedtime can provide relaxation and affect better than watching harmful blue light display.

Short stories are simple, creative, and contain small-length stories that are easy to digest. It promotes a feeling of focus and relaxation that helps kids to sleep. Provides Stories for FREE!

We think that buying books and making space for them at the home takes considerable effort. By visiting our website you are skipping the entire process and telling your kid Moral Tales in a much easy way. Hence, why buy books? when you have this amazing website that provides beautiful collections of engaging book stories.

Explore the World of Stories

Here you will find a variety of stories including Animals, Funny, Fables, Panchatantra stories, and Bedtime Stories. Each story comes with a moral and something to teach children.

Besides, the website contains religious stories such as Jesus, Islamic, Indian gods, and mythology tales. Interesting stories such as Ghosts, Horror, Campfire, Magical stories, and Fairy tales.

Moral Stories for all Ages

Our team writes the stories in such a way that it is digestible for ages of kids. However, on the website’s home page and in tags, you can still separate the stories according to the grades system and as well as ages.

Furthermore, some things take step by step process and it is crucial for the children that they level up according to the mind and thinking development. Hence, choose the grade system and age system that suits the kid most.


We built to provide better ways of educating children. Let your kid uncover new imagination through these stories.

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