Moral Tale is an effort of two young individuals to provide a better and more entertaining way of education. Every kind of tale, poem, rhyme, and educational content is available on moraltale.com. Please support us by visiting our website more often in this way you will encounter few google ads which will help us financially. Every text here is written by our team which ensures that your child will consume high-quality content.

Little About Founders of Moraltale

Founder Nikhil

Nikhil Is one who completely designed the Moral Tale from scratch. From maintaining the website to adding new things he did all the major tasks to make sure the Moral Tale will reach more and more kids.

Nikhil has developed and created many websites. In addition to that, he is an experienced content writer. His passion to move forward made moraltale.com possible as well as successful.

Watching anime and playing video games are some of his favorite things to do in his free time.


Zeeshan is the one who came up with the idea of creating Moraltale. His main intention was to make education fun for kids. Later his blogging and digital marketing experience showed him an easy way to do that. In the end, he shared his vision with Nikhil, and then Moraltale started.

Zeeshan is responsible for creating the majority of content strategies, findings new ways of education, ideas, adding different categories, and making a website full of valuable stuff.

He is the type of person who always tries to experiment, implement new ideas to make sure that he is creating the best possible things.

Founder Zeeshan

Everything is possible when teamwork is implemented. To level up, Moraltale Nikhil and Zeeshan created a Team of few folks who create content for the website on daily basis. This ensures that our little readers will get fresh content every time they revisit us.

Our team consists of cool people who enjoy their lives despite having trouble in life. Most of them are young, cheerful, creative, and are always ready to make things happen.

Blog Posts

Moraltail also provides valuable content through the blog section. We highly recommend visiting there if you are concerned about your kid’s health, education, future. You can visit blog by clicking here.


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