Lost and Found; The Honest Woodcutter

The Honest Woodcutter

Many years ago a woodcutter was living in a village that was close to a dense forest. He was extremely hard working as well as a reasonable man. Every morning he gets up early in the morning and went to the forest in order to cut wood and sell it in the market. This is the regular routine of the woodcutter that he was following for years. He uses that money to look after his family.

He generally took care to cut a couple of branches from a tree, leaving the tree safe. One time each month, he would plant a couple of saplings which would develop into trees throughout the long term.

At some point, he took his axe and went to work. He climbed a tree to cleave a few branches. suddenly his axe incidentally slipped from his hand and fell into the lake underneath.

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He dove into the lake to search for his axe under the water. Regardless of how diligently he attempted, he was unable to discover it. He sat under a tree feeling vulnerable. He was pitiful that he had lost the hatchet, which was his buddy. He additionally got worried about how he going to make a living at this point. He had no means to purchase another hatchet.

There was a heavenly messenger(angel) who lived in the lake. Emerging from the water, she asked the woodcutter for what reason he was looking so pitiful. The helpless woodcutter recounted his story.

“Pause, let me see what I can do,” said the holy messenger and disappeared.

After some time, she showed up, grasping an axe.

“Is this yours?” she inquired. The woodcutter took a close look at the axe. The holy messenger was holding a golden axe. It was splendid and sparkling.

The woodcutter shook his head. “This isn’t mine. My axe was made with iron with a wooden handle,” he said.

The heavenly messenger vanished. At the point when she showed up once more, she was holding a silver hatchet. The woodcutter again shook his head, saying it was not his.

“Goodness!” said the heavenly messenger and she again vanished. This time she showed up with an iron axe with a wooden handle. The woodcutter bounced in happiness. “Indeed. This is mine. Much thanks; you have brought back my axe. Presently I can cut wood and procure my occupation,” he said.

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Then, at that point, the heavenly messenger was satisfied with the woodcutter. “I’m satisfied with your genuineness. You can have each of the three tomahawks,” she said.

The woodcutter expressed gratitude toward the heavenly messenger however reclaimed just one — the old hatchet which had fallen into the lake. “I don’t need things that are not mine. Kindly don’t entice me,” he said and gave the golden and silver tomahawks back to the holy messenger.

The woodcutter left joyfully, murmuring a tune. The holy messenger smiled, as she disappeared immediately in the air.

Moral: Lost and Found aka The Honest Woodcutter moral tale teaches us to be honest every time because in case the woodcutter lied the ending of the story won’t be pleasing for the woodcutter.  

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