Tenali Rama the Detective

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Once upon a time, Tenali Rama was walking through a forest path.  Suddenly he was stopped by a trader. The merchant asked Tenali “I’m looking for my camel have you seen it? he just strayed away.”.

After listening to him Tenali asked, “was your camel injured on the leg?”

“Yes Yes !! it means you have seen my camel” the merchant happily replied.

“You can see his footprints which clearly shows that he was dragging his one leg. which was injured,” said Tenali.

Further Tenali asked another question “He was blind through one eye?”

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“Oh yes yes !!” the merchant said.

“Was he loaded with wheat on the left and sugar on the right?” asked Raman.

“Yes, it’s true, tell me have you seen my camel?” said the merchant.

“No, I haven’t said that I have seen your camel,” Raman said.

“But how you know all these things,” said merchant.

“I haven’t noticed or seen your camel,” said Raman.

“Have you observed those plants lined up on both sides of this track? You can see that the plants on the left side are eaten by an animal but on the other side, they are untouched. This means that the animal was able to see with only one eye.” said Tenali Rama.

Further Tenali said “Look down there are a bunch of ants lined up on the side which means the camel was loaded with a sugar bag. The bag has a hole in it through which sugar was falling. On the other side, you can see some wheat grains which have fallen through the holes in the bag.”.

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“I just saw everything that you have said now but I can see my camel.” the merchant said.

“You should follow this path and soon you will find your camel. He was hurt on one leg and you seem too fit and healthy,” said Tenali Rama.

The merchant followed the path and footprints left by the camel. Soon he found his animal who was limping with pain.

Rani !!! the merchant shouted in pleasure and hugged his camel.

Moral: Raman the detective story teaches us to pay attention to our surroundings and don’t panic in difficult times which will help us in making the right decisions.

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