The Monkey and The Crocodile

The Monkey and The Crocodile

Many times ago there was a monkey who lived on a rose apple tree. The tree was located close to the river. The sad thing about the monkey was that he was living alone for many years but he was still happy.

Suddenly one day a crocodile came out from the river. He came close to the river bank and asked the monkey for help.  The crocodile said that he have traveled a huge distance in the search of food. The monkey kindly offered him some rose apples.

In return, the crocodile thanked him and said can I visit you again?

Hearing that monkey said, “Yes you can visit any time!”

After that day crocodile started visiting monkeys each and every day. Whenever he visits monkey shares many rose apples with him and they talk about different things that they know.  The crocodile told the monkey that he is married and has a wife with whom he lives on the other side of the river.

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After listening to that monkey suddenly plucked many apples offered them to crocodile for his wife.

When the crocodile returned to his home he gives all the apples to his wife and she loved that. But she also got jealous because his husband is nowadays spending more time with his new friend. She acted like she can believe that his husband who is a crocodile can be a friend of a monkey.

After a few talks crocodile’s wives started a thing that “If monkey eats these sweet apples every day his meat will be luscious too. Monkey will be a yummy dinner.”.

After thinking that she asked his husband that she would love to meet his new friend. She said crocodile to invite his new friend to home. But the crocodile didn’t want to invite the monkey to his home. The crocodile said no to his wife.

After few days his wife planned a strategy. She pretended to be ill and said to his husband that the doctor said if she wants to be healthy and alive she has to eat the heart of the monkey. She further said that if you want to see me alive you have to bring your friend’s heart.

Surprisingly the crocodile got fooled. He thought that everything his wife said is true. The idea of killing his own friend made him extremely anxious. He didn’t want to kill his friend but at the same time, he wanted to save his wife’s life.

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In the end, he decided to kill his friend. He visited his monkey friend and said that his wife wants to meet him. Monkey got happy and quickly said yes I would love to. 

Crocodile said, “just sit on my back and I will take you to my home which is on the other side of the river bank.”. The monkey jumped on his back and they went to his home. In the middle of the way, crocodiles started to go under the water.

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Monkey got afraid and said what are you doing??

Then Crocodile said, “I have to kill you because my wife is ill and the doctor said that she needs a heart of money.”.

Monkey got mad and quickly thought of a stupid plan. He said to the crocodile that he would love to save his wife but he forgot his heart back to his home. He said crocodile to turn back so that he can get his heart from the tree. 

The crocodile became relaxed when he heard that. He wasn’t able to believe that the monkey got ready to give his heart. 

He quickly went back to his home and the monkey climbed the tree. After that monkey looked down at the crocodile and said “Now you should go back to your evil wife and say that your husband is the biggest fool in the whole world. If you can believe the unjust demand of your wife then you can defiantly believe me.”.

Moral: The Monkey and The Crocodile story teaches us that a smart enemy is better than a stupid friend.

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