Tiger in the cage

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A long time ago a woodcutter in the forest came across a Tiger in the cage. After the tiger saw him he shouted “Get me out of this cage” in a pleaded way. Woodcutter felt bad for him and opened the door of the cage.

After coming outside of the tiger yawned and stretched his legs and said “Hmm I’m hungry !!”. He looked at woodcutter and licked his lips.

Woodcutter got afraid and stepped back saying “Don’t come close to me!!”

“I haven’t eaten anything for more than two days. I’m sorry I have to eat you now.” said the tiger.

The woodcutter replied while crying “It’s not fair I helped you out !”. Tiger asked, “Who says so?”

Let’s ask this to Mr rabbit Woodcutter said and stopped the rabbit which was hopping by.

The woodcutter told everything to the rabbit and said “Is it fair for him to eat me?”.

The rabbit slowly looked at the tiger which appeared to be really hungry. Rabbit thought that “If I say against tiger he will instead eat me.”.

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“Definitely, the tiger is right. A tiger is always right !!” Rabbit said and quickly hopped away.

The tiger took one step closer to the woodcutter and said “let’s ask someone else !!”

At the same time, a deer was passing by woodcutter told everything and asked the same question. But sadly because of the fear deer said that the tiger is right.

Tiger got excited and took one step closer and said let’s ask one more time.

Suddenly a jackal appeared from bushes which again stopped by a woodcutter. The woodcutter told everything in the same order and asked the same question. 

Without any fear, the jackal said “I don’t understand your story. Tell me where were tiger and where were you standing?”  

Meanwhile, the tiger got irritated because he was hungry. He quickly got inside the cage and said “look I was trapped like this.”.

Further, he closed the door of the cage and said “look the door was closed like this !!”

Woodcutter preceded and locked the door from outside and said “And it was bolted like this!”

“Oh now I understand but what’s the problem?” Jackal asked.

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“He wants to eat me,” the woodcutter said meanwhile the tiger licked his lips and he was confident. He thought that the jackal will take his side.

Jackal got confused and asked woodcutter “How can this poor tiger eat you? He is trapped inside of the cage.”.

“He released me from the cage you stupid,” the tiger said in annoyance.  

“Oh yeah, he did, didn’t he? Now will you open the cage again?” jackal asked the woodcutter.

“Never,” the woodcutter said and started walking away.

At the same time, the jackal walked away, leaving the tiger in the cage, with the closed door and safely locked.

Moral: Tiger in the cage Moral Story teaches us to never trust and help someone who doesn’t deserve it.

How was the story?