Who is the Real Mother?

Who is the Real Mother?

A few years ago two were fighting over a child in a village. “Leave us alone he is my son !!” a lady in a red sari yelled while crying. The child was too young hence he wasn’t able to speak and understand whats going on.

“What !! He is my kid” women in green sari cried.

After so many arguments villagers gathered.

Together all of them decided to ask the wise man of the village.  The old wise man came and asked the woman in a red sari “What do you want to say”.

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“He is my son!! When I was taking bath in the river I left my son on the bank. This woman came lifted my child and ran away. I quickly redressed and chased her.”.

The old wise man asked the other green sari women.

“Everything that she said is not true!!! I was bathing in the river and she came to kidnap my one and only child. thankfully I was able to catch her.”.

Everyone who was watching this fight got confused and wasn’t able to find the real mother. 

The wise man stood up and drew a lien on the ground with his wooden stick. “Stand on each side of the line and place the kid in middle,” said the wise man. 

Further, the wise man said to hold the child from each side through his hand and pull him. Whoever successfully pulls the child to words their side across the line will be the real mother. This will show us who loves the child most.

After the count of 3, the woman in the red sari pulled the child real hard. soon the child started crying the other woman in a green sari let him go.

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After winning the red sari women started shouting “He is my kid see I won he is mine don’t you dare to come close to my son again !!”

The other women started crying loudly and broke into tears.

The wise man said, “wait!!” while saying he turned back to the villagers and asked them “Who do you think is the real mother? the one who pulled the child or the one who let him go?”

The villagers quickly said, “The one who let him go is the real mother !!”

The old man took the boy from red sari women and said “Only a mother has a delicate heart and cares for her child”.

He handed the kid to the green sari woman who was the real mother. The green sari women tightly hugged the child kissed on his forehead. 

Then the old man warned the red sari woman for his dirty play and allowed her to go. Villagers go angry with her and she asked for forgiveness and ran away.

Moral: The Real Mother story teaches ut that the one who truly loves will let you go if you are in pain or trouble.

How was the story?